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AI x Robotics x Blockchain

We are pursuing technology development and demonstration experiments combining Edge technologies such as "AI x Blockchain", "AI x Robotics" and "IoT x Blockchain". We will explore the possibilities of next generation Autonomous technology born by combining.
「AI x ブロックチェーン」「AI x ロボティクス」「IoT x ブロックチェーン」など、最先端技術を組み合わせた技術開発及び実証実験を進めています。これらの技術はすべて連動していると我々は考えており、組み合わせることで生まれる次世代自律テクノロジーの可能性を模索していきます。

AI learning simulator using 3D virtual space

The importance of learning and experimenting of AI installed in Robots, Autonomous cars, Drones is increasing. Couger is developing and providing AI Learning Simulator "Street" using 3D virtual space, and we are progressing AI learning experiment with enterprises and laboratories introduced.

Company    会社情報


Couger Inc.

Founded in

December, 2006


Koshiichi Bldg #403, 6-19-16, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-19-16 越一ビル403


Atsushi Ishii
代表取締役 CEO   石井 敦

Founders    創業メンバー

Atsushi Ishii, CEO    代表取締役 CEO 石井 敦

Involved in the development of WebSphere etc. at the IBM group. In 2000 he joined Lycos Japan. He is in charge of development and operation of large scale search engine and big data analysis system. After that, joining Rakuten with the acquisition of Lycos, he is in charge of developing search engines for Rakuten and Infoseek.
In December 2006, Couger Inc. was established. He do numerous design and development of systems boasting large-scale access and online games. Also promoted several joint development projects with university laboratories. In 2009, he was appointed CTO of LivingImage Inc. based in Silicon Valley and develops movie generation software.
From 2010 to 2014, he served as the director CTO of dango Inc. and the game title "Magimon" developed at that time acquired top sales in Japan. After that, it expanded also in the United States and South Korea. In 2013, at the world's largest game development conference "GDC 2013" held in San Francisco, he entered a panel discussion as a representative game developer in Japan.
2006年12月、クーガー株式会社を設立。大規模アクセスを誇るシステム及びオンラインゲームの設計や開発を数多く行う。大学研究室との共同開発プロジェクトも複数推進。2009年、シリコンバレーを拠点とするLivingImage Inc.のCTOに就任し、動画生成ソフトウェアの開発を行う。
2010年から2014年までは、株式会社dangoの取締役CTOを務め、その時に開発したゲームタイトル「マジモン」は国内でトップセールスを取得。その後、アメリカ及び韓国でも展開した。2013年にはサンフランシスコで開催の世界最大のゲーム開発カンファレンス「GDC 2013」にて、日本を代表するゲーム開発者としてパネルディスカッションに登壇した。
個人活動としては、Apache HTTP Server関連のソフトウェアを公開する等、オープンソース開発にも関わっている。

Hikaru Takahashi, CTO    取締役 CTO 高橋 光

He experienced numerous system development with major independent system integrator. In 2001 he joined Lycos Japan and is in charge of designing and developing e-mail systems and community systems for large-scale users. After that, Rakuten and Infoseek also engaged in numerous design and development of large scale community system.
He is specializing in the design and development of backend systems that handle billions of units of access at the daily level and also have many backend development results for large-scale online games.